1. The music of many. The symphonic effect of the edits conducted on Wikipedia. http://goo.gl/bQq6sP
  2. The poem speaks. Classic and contemporary poems, one a day, read by poets and actors. http://goo.gl/CiSZyI
  3. Nate Rabe’s Sunday Sounds. For music worshippers who sway to the beat of a different tabla, this Sunday service from scroll.in can be a religious experience. http://goo.gl/FcIWUx
  4. How do we perceive the world? The search for the answer unites neuroscience, poets and artists — especially in these eight reflective videos presented by HarvardX’s Fundamentals of Neuroscience. http://goo.gl/yUzAih
  5. If you believe that all data related to you is yours and you’d like to see the work and thoughts of others instead of ads, then you might want to go where the artists have gone. To Ello, the anti-Facebook. As they say, “You are not a product.” http://goo.gl/lsmaOR
  6. It’s a jungle in there. The there being Cornell’s Macaulay Library, the world’s largest and oldest scientific archive of biodiversity audio and video recordings. I like to start at the staff picks. http://goo.gl/ONsGBc
  7. The seeker at the search engine. No, it’s not the title of a Paulo Coelho novel. It’s a naked portrait of curiosity. Google Suggest lets you see what others are asking when they search the web. http://goo.gl/JMYppB
  8. Al Jaffee’s fold-ins for Mad magazine, from the 1960s to whatever it is we call where we are, in interactive form. You may lose yourself in hours of obsessive, repetitive play, especially if you’re with Mary Jane. http://goo.gl/tMXoqQ
  9. No doubt you are mystified how a shaft of purely self-interested businesses (a collective noun of my own coinage) can masquerade as the “sharing economy”. Unsuck It is a powerful jargon-crap extractor, separating poop from premise with wit and wry self-awareness — or as they put it, unsucking your douchey jargon. http://goo.gl/mJTFH0
  10. I’d like to finish with another candidate (a strong ender contender?) for BFF in the battle against bullshit. The BlaBlaMeter is merciless. Insert your prose. Click the button. Rejoice if it emerges with a BS-free rating. If not, rinse and repeat. http://goo.gl/4XLWhw
And with that, a happy 2016 to ye.