What on earth is a Bheja Bazaar?

Bheja is the Hindi word for brains.
Bazaar is the Hindi word for market.

So, Bheja Bazaar, my multicultural amigos, is a market for brains.
Or to look at it another way, it's brains, for market.

Grey sells.

copyright 2006 Gavin Barrett All rights reserved

Just recently, I was confronted with two questions
"Where do you come from?"
And "Where are you headquartered?"

Barrett and Welsh is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
We have roving branch offices in dim sum restaurants, bubble tea parlours, kabab houses, dosa palaces, Turkish cafes and roti huts.
We have affiliates in Vancouver, Washington D.C., New York, Mumbai (India), Hong Kong and Dubai.
We have ideas in bathtubs, backyards, bedrooms and cars.
(Not to mention elevators and lifts, apartments and flats.)

We were established as a full-service agency in 2004.
Before that we operated as a creative consultancy, serving some of Canada’s largest agencies.
Our Mom was a Mughal queen. Our Dad was Genghis Khan.

And where do we come from?
Bombay. Hong Kong. Delhi. Singapore. London. Toronto. Calabria. Berlin. Beijing. Palermo. Next door. Faraway. Neverneverland. Narnia. Bollywood.

Or to look at our origins another way. we were appalled by the poor quality of advertising Canada's ethnic markets are faced with - produced mostly by ‘translator agencies’. We wanted to change all that.

And that, dearly beloved, is where we come from.

copyright 2006 Gavin Barrett All rights reserved

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