Brands began as marks burned onto rumps of rawhide.
Many brands are still that today, and, often enough, even less than that:
just marks minus the life they were imprinted on.

The most successful brands step beyond the boundaries imposed by design.

Even in intellectual property law a brand is no longer just mark or a unit of design.

In fact, a brand is as much about a logo or mark, as a marriage is about a wedding.

Logos and weddings represent nothing more than beginnings.
Whereas brands and marriages represent the continuum. They represent relationship.

Today's brand, is exactly that: a relationship.
And all good relationships are built on communication.

The moment a brand leaves the chapel of design and crosses the threshold into communication,
it stops looking in the mirror and saying, "I, brand."

It instead begins looking at you, the consumer and says "Us, brand."

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Welcome to our multcult marketing adventures.

The things we've done, heard about, and heard done to others.

We hope to serve a dim sum feast of derring-do, a ghotala of gumption.

Those who get it will be held up. Those who don't will be yelled down.

Welcome to Bheja Bazaar.

It's located at the intersection of knowledge and je ne sais quoi.

Where menudo meets vindaloo. Where turbans meet kilts.

Where political correctness meets the Grim Reaper.

If you have a bowlful of rice to throw into the congee, be our guest.

If you have gunpowder for the pepper water, sau putr ho.

Bring your hoary old stories, you storied old whores.

Bring your tired, your weary, your multicultural cliches.

Bring your brains.

Step right in.

Mabuhay. Swagatam.

Gavin Barrett

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